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Need some help with wiring,

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I have a 1998 grizzly 600, I put a new wire harness on the machine but when I got to the back of the machine there wires spliced on everything but the wire harness has all the plugs. I hooked up everything I could I'm left with out 6 plugs on the wire harness witch I have no idea what are for what,


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What year model did the harness come from? I think the round plug is for the stator. On my 98 Grizzly, this plug should be square. It will have 3 white wires going to it (i think its 3).

Do you have the regulator connected?
That round plug is for the stator cover wiring harness. The Grizzly 600 has 2 connectors for harness coming from the stator cover, one is square and one is round. The square one has 4 wires, 2 are for the Puse Coil and 2 are for the Secondary Coil.
The round connector is for the stator wiring itself, if I remember correctly.

The square black plug is either for a relay or the CDI. I can't remember for sure.

The stator harness connectors are located on the left, rear of the engine. The relays are located under the left, rear fender.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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