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New 2017 Grizzly EPS

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Hello everyone! I'll be getting a new 2017 grizzly eps in a couple weeks. First time Yamaha ATV owner. Anything we should be on the look out for? I've heard a couple ppl mention possible shock issues and air filter issues.... can anyone here elaborate?
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Welcome from another new GC member! I bought a new 2017 Grizz SE (my buddy did too) last week as posted in my own intro a few days ago. Already 2 very different trail runs so far since purchased with another tomorrow possibly in the works as I write this. Plenty of areas to revisit by quad vs customary jeep, so let the inevitable dust blow in favorable directions...
Welcome to GC.
Welcome to GC and congrats on the new machine!
Hey Joe , welcome to GC fro TN. and congrats on the new ride.
Welcome aboard and congratulations!
I don't know if this has been addressed in the 2017 but have a look at this thread and be prepared:
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Keep an eye on the shocks. Ransom has reported a couple (I think) of his leaking. This is due to cheaper build quality (it's assumed). When you compare prices on replacement socks from 14/15 to 16/17, you'll see their cost savings on the new shocks. Or, just order Elkas! Haha. If the airbox issue is a concern for you, check out EHS Racing. They have a fix for it.
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