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Hello folks.
Sorry for my poor english.. i'm a Norwegian..
I have this 2011 grizzly 700eps that got 26" tires , purple spring and 1.5mm shim.
I am mostly driving in rough terrain. Huning, dragging deer etc..
Any more tip about making the grizz being stronger at low gear? Sheave mod? Wich one? Clutch mod?
I dont need any top speed.
Just POWER and low gear ratio.

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Do a google search for COOP45 near Salt Lake City, UT U.S.A.
He will machine your movable primary sheave, I don't know the shipping expense.
You can keep some of the shim with his machining for maximum pulley ratio, talk to him.

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Glamsland- You've already shimmed it, 1.5mm and you may get a little more shim in there but not much. So the next step would be a mod sheave. There are several out there. Coop45 (Coop's Clutch Mod's - Coop's Clutch Mods),
JBS (JBS Hot Rod Performance - Yamaha Parts & Accessories) & Hunterworks (http://www.hunterworks.com/products_) are popular. Going with a modified sheave would be like adding another 1.0mm of shim (to your 1.5mm already installed). Some of us have even put a shim (not much) on to a mod sheave to get a really low ratio count.
I used Coop45 and mailed my sheave to him and he modified it and then mailed it back to me. Total time was 5 days from the time I shipped to time I got it back. He has a quick turn around time. However your mailing from Norway so I have no idea on the time it would take. I think the others will do something similar. The other way is to buy a new sheave from and have them mail it to you. I'm not certain about the shipping prices or the amount of taxes you may have to pay for something like that if purchased new.
Coop45 is a member on this site so you may be able to PM him and get some more info or try e-mailing some of the other manufactures.
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