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I recently bought a '98 Grizzly 600, but have come to realize that the handlebars have taken some damage at the hands of a previous owner.

I was at first thinking if replacing the handlebars, to upgrade to some Rox SpeedFX handlebars, possibly with a bit more rise than the stock bars, to make more comfortable to operate when standing up, but they only support the Grizzly 660 and onwards.

After talking on the phone with the guys at Rox, they said that the mounting plate for the 660 is far simpler, because there are far less stock components mounted onto the bars of the 660 than there are on the 600. I am not sure that anyone even makes an aftermarket mounting plate for the stock bar accessories for the 600 at this point.

I can't be the only person who has run into this problem. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions as to how to upgrade my handlebars, or should I be trying to just replace the damaged stock handlebars with the same stock handlebars?
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