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Hi all and good evening

Nice forum and site!

I am working on a 125 Grizzly - do not know what year as I am embarrassed to admit I cannot find the VIN! : )

It is my sisters grand-daughters bought before we saw it and unfortunately not quite what it was reported to be.

It started up and seems to runs OK and then the carb started dripping fuel. After some checking on the forum and website decided to order a new carb off of Amazon - Got it installed after get some parts from the original. Unusual choke system from my experience but I have not worked on many ATV's.

New one leaked same way and after numerous time pulling the carb and adjusting the float got it to run and idle nicely.

Now it does not want to rev well and kind of coughs and starts to die.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - My sister bought for her grand-daughter and have not given it to her yet pending getting it running.

TY!! Sleary3

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Welcome 2 GC.
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