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New to Grizzly need advice. Thanks

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So I got offered a grizzly 600 for free from one of my uncles. It's been parked for at least 3-4 yrs mabe more, and he parked it cause he was spraying with it in the field and it all of the sudden had no drive to the rear axle, so it's a transmission or clutch or belt issue, and due to him being in a hurry he borrowed a different bike for the season and never got around to fixing the grizzly. So is it worth getting? The bike only had a few months on a top end rebuild when that happened, but what kinda $$ am I looking at to get it working? Need a hunting rig and farm use bike...but it would be more for a winter evening project then anything. Thanks for any help.
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Assuming by your mention of this being a winter evening project that you are planning to do the work yourself? Good. Can you go and pick it up yourself or will it need to be shipped? Has the Grizzly been sitting outside in the weather all this time or was it stored in a barn?

Doing the work yourself along with picking it up close by will be minimal cost. Yes, my opinion would be to go get it especially if you like working on projects and it isn't something rotting away out in the weather. That would be my opinion and I'm sure other's will have a differing opinion.

You can search around on places like sharkpart.com or partzilla.com to see what parts will cost you if you go the new OEM route. You could also try to source used parts for the parts you need. That bike is somewhere around a 1998-2001 model year although I have never owned one or worked on one. There are some on here with knowledge of the Grizzly 600 and are usually very helpful with trying to help diagnose issues.

Based on your limited explanation it would be hard for someone to pinpoint a price to fix the current issue. Don't forget an ICE machine having sit for a number of years will probably need the carb rebuilt, tires might be rotted, all fluids changed, stuff greased up, etc.
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Will this bike be worth fixing up all depends on what's wrong with it. It sitting for 3-4 years did not good for it.

For the no drive issue. This could be any 1 or a number of things.
Could be stripped splines on the rear axle.
Could be broken yoke on the rear driveshaft.
Could be a broken belt.
Could be stripped splines on primary clutch.
Could be worn out wet clutch.

There is others that can added to that list.

Additionally to this, some parts are not available new anymore, and used parts for the 600 are getting hard to find.

Your going have to start tearing everything apart. Give everything a good inspection to diagnose what it will need, then make a informed decision on what to do.
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That is a go get! Even if you need a new diff, with that top end rebuild, you can have a nice bike for $500-$1000 tops. When you get it, post symptoms and we will help you figure it out!
Welcome to GC and I agree with all of the above. Free is always the right price! If you won’t have much in getting it home, you can’t go wrong. Even if it’s not practical to fix it, you can part it out or sell it as a parts bike.
Welcome to GC and X2 on if you can get it to you cheap and decide not to fix it you can make money on parting it out.
Thanks for the reply guys! And yes it's in a barn about 5 miles from my house. I would be doing all the work myself as I love mechanical work. Just don't have alot if $$ to spend. Ha says everyone always. Thanks again..I'll get it this weekend and mabe make a fixer upper thread or something...?
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I would do it. I would start with getting it running again, and then start looking into the drive issue. Start with the easiest first, and a manual for the atv is always worth the money. Good luck and keep us updated.
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