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Hello from the armpit of Northern New England! I have joined the forum because I recently acquired a 2005 Bruin 350 4x4 for free from a lady whose landlord demanded it be removed from the property. It had been sitting for five years and is missing the oil cooler/radiator. It currently does not start although I have removed the carburetor and am awaiting the arrival of a rebuild kit for the carb.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting/posting with everyone. This is going to be a significant project and I have no small engine experience so I have lots of questions. I am also finding it difficult to find videos, write-ups, and service manuals specific to the Bruin 350 4x4. I see lots of resources for similar models but not my specific quad. I have noticed that some things are a little different from model to model and that has made a little more guesswork for me.

Best wishes
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