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No start

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So washed my 11 grizzly 700 2 days ago with a pressure washer. I just got this quad but I’ve had others and washed them the same way. Stay away from all electrical components and wiring. Basically just the suspension. So I went to start it afterwards and it fired up as usual and then died five seconds later and wouldn’t start at all after that. I gave it time to dry out thinking something got wet. Everything is dried out now and still nothing. Turns over but doesn’t even attempt to fire. Checked for spark and it’s getting nothing. I looked at all the fuses and wiring and it all looks good. After that I’m kind of lost. I don’t have or know how to use a multimeter. Any ideas or easy checks?
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Water getting by the spark plug boot lip/seal can cause a short and prevent starting.
I have seen this happen on bikes after changing the spark plug, and since the bike is new to you, maybe your spark plug boot is not sealed correctly.
Start with the simple stuff first, which is replace the spark plug.
The 700 is known to foul a spark plug every now and then.
X2 easy first..new spark plug.
Sometimes it's hard to see if a fuse is bad...get a cheap VOM or switch out some of the fuses to test. There is an ignition fuse and a fuel injection fuse that could be the problem.
Ok I ordered a few spark plugs. Should be here tomorrow. No one seems to carry them local. I’ll take another look at the fuses.
Yep it was just a fouled plug. With a new one on it instantly fired up.
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Yep it was just a fouled plug. With a new one on it instantly fired up.
Can you post a picture of the fouled plug?
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