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Noobie Plow Question

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I have a Warn 2500 winch installed on the 2016 Grizzly. I'm looking for a plow for this winter but what do I need to make this work? Would I have to remount my winch or do anything different or can I simply add a plow and the plow mount?

I'm open for recommendations on what plow and what size. Anything with a rubber tip/blade to help reduce ruin a brand new 300ft driveway?
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I have the Warn Front Mount 60 inch plow setup on my 2016 Grizzly. Wouldn't go any other way. You need at least the 60 inch blade so you can plow with an angle and keep the wheels inside the plowed area. I put on the front mount because it is quicker to install then the mid mount and you don't loose any ground clearance. With the mid mount, you have two tables extended below your skid plates. At least there were the last time I looked at mid mounts. The only pain you are going to have is you will need to detach your winch to install the plow mounting bracket. It mounts under the winch. I have had no problems plowing and look forward to doing it in the winter. Gives me an excuse to bring out the Grizz.


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