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Oil temp light on and grinding

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New to site. My 2000 Grizzly 660. just developed this issue. The oil temp light comes on and then there is grinding or whining. I have tried to research this, and realize it not uncommon.

I initially thought it was the ignition, because if you disconnect it, all whining is gone and the temp light is disabled.

Does anyone know the resolve to this.

Thank you.
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Welcome to the site. I don't have much experience on the older machines but I think the first year of the 660 was 2002 so just make sure when you're searching for help you're asking for the right machine.
Thank you, I will further research for year.
OK, This Is what I have.


So 2000 should be right.

Any advice on this issue?
It's a Grizzly 600...not 660.
Your problem is probably the oil cooler fan. It could be the motor is bad and grinding or the fan has something jammed in it.
After re-reading this, I am wondering if the starter motor was staying engaged. This could cause the oil temp light to remain on and cause a grinding like noise.
I finally had the time and patience to further address this issue. It's been some time! After researching all the forums, I was able to trace the wiring. It turned out to be the main wire harness sitting on the exhaust shield melted some of the wires and grounding it out to the frame.

There's not a whole lot of room in there! I took out the breather box and loosened up the gas tank. I had just enough room to cut the melted wires and join in a splice.

After putting it all back together, I put some fresh gas in it, checked the tire pressure, and rode it pretty hard for about 30 minutes. Seems to have resolved this issue.

Thanks all for the suggestions. :wink2:
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Happy Ending.
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