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Oiling foam air filter

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Can you use K & N filter oil in spray can on foam filter?. The can says its for cotton filters but I don't see why it wouldn't be okay on foam. I have a Moose Racing filter. The top 1/4 is one color, and the bottom 3/4 is another color. Do I just have to oil; the top portion of filter or soak whole filter in bag of oil and squeeze out excess?

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Sorry...I just found previous post that discusses tis.
I have read instances about the UNI air filter having the two different foams separate, glue released, when the people used other than UNI cleaner/oil. I have the UNI filters and will only use UNI cleaner/oil because of that. I'd probably use what is recommended by the filter to not chance ruining it.
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Agreed RR.
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