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Plow for 2007 Grizzly 700

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I know there are a lot of plows out there but was curious what others thought the best all around plow was. Also, didn't want plow that had brackets that killed ground clearance. What kind of money am I looking at to get plow and everything else needed......i already have winch on ATV.

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I’ll be honest. For the money you can’t really beat the tusk plow kit from rockymountainatv. I just swap my skid plate out for the plow mount right before and after winter. When it’s on you only lose about 1” in 2 little spots. Just my .02
We have three mid-mount 60" and one 48" Moose plows in my extended family (all mounted on Grizzlies). All were bought used and none of us have had any issues. I don't have experience with any other brands of plows to be able to offer a comparison. The other brand that I have looked at is from Motoalliance and people seem to have good luck with those from what I know. One nice thing about Motoalliance is that they are a site sponsor and will give you a discount if you call them to order.
Yeah, probably very difficult to claim a best brand for any snow plow that will attach to a Grizzly as they all seem made pretty well based upon user feedback. I did first have a mid-mount but was having to remove the mount to go trail ride the bike. And although I agree the attachment points only hang down about 1" below the bike, it was enough for me to remove it to go trail ride. Those attachment points will get hung up in rocky areas and possibly bent or ??? That will entirely depend on type of terrain on the trails you ride. I instead ended up getting a front mount plow and do not need to remove the plow mount for trail riding.

I would just look for the best deal you can get on a plow. With the mid-mount plow, I had a 52" blade. When going to the front mount, I opted for a 60" blade. The Grizzly 700 can push a 60" blade, here in CO, with no problem other than you may need to have it in 4x4, have extra weight on the back or possibly use chains. I just use 4x4 to maintain traction.

One item I have read a fair amount of problems with is Warn's side-to-side plow actuator. It is an add-on product and seems pretty expensive for it to be having so many complaints. I've not personally used one to know for sure but based upon the constant complaints I've read, I would not buy one. Other than that, most seem to be very happy with their plow purchase, regardless of brand.
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How it goin? thought I could give my experince. I have a 04 grizz 660, bought new and has plowed every year sense. I live in New England near the shore and often get wet heavy snow as well as deep snow and drifts. My blade is the moose 50 inch and i have no issues with it being to narrow for my tire width when the plow is angled.The grizzly is a beast any snow you get in you can drive out of anyhow, I put about 120 pounds o the rear rack for traction. My drive way is about 1400 feet with a moderate hill at a section. I also have plowed for a few neighbors every storm as well. The machine has almost always pushed right through at the end of every storm. Of course sometimes youll go out for a midway pass if expecting 14 inch or more. I have been beyond satisfied with the moose brand plow. I have found that the machine could use a bigger blade and after much research i just ordered the moose brand 60 inch county style plow. Im confident the 660 can push the bigger blade and throw the snow further with the county style. So with alot of experince plowing with a quad the sixty is the size you should get unless your doing alot of side walks in which case go smaller. if your drive is long and can get some speed go for the county stye. Also as for the mounts i have the under the belly mounting plate which offers extra protection as well as access to change the oil. i thought of "up grading" to the front mount system but after alot of reading i hear to many complaints about when the plow is down and slamming around it pushes the weight on the front end around instead of the middle of the body making it hard to steer,,,think about it ,, makes sense to me. Hope this helps
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My prior well used 660 had the mid mount and a 60"+ plow that never was a problem, with weight on the rear and rear chains it was very efficient. I also did a lot of trails and hauling out elk from iffy places and never a problem with the mounts. I rather liked having the metal under machine vs. plastic skids. It also might help with the physics of pushing snow mid length but never used a front mount so just speculation.

60" is easy with the 660, makes short work of plowing, usually do parts of my road before the graders come through ( photo enclosed).

The 17 Griz is set up the same way but so far in this part of Colorado we are experiencing very little snow to plow, been thinking about taking it off until it is needed.


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