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I posted this in the Dyno/tuning forum section, but did not get any responses.
So, I am posting it here in hopes someone can help with an answer.
Thank you again.

Machine: 2009 Grizzly 550 se.

I was wondering if anyone can answer a question from the following example:

You change the fuel pod setting at the C1 screen (by grounding yellow/white wire, pushing display switches, turning on ignition, etc.).
In this example, assume the setting is changed from 0 to 50.
You save the 50 setting by turning off the ignition.

Here is the question:
If you go back in to change the fuel setting again, does the C1 screen initially display the 50 (the last saved setting), or always display 0 again?

What I am asking is if I will be able to see the latest saved setting (whether it be factory, or user adjusted), when I go in to make an adjustment.
This is so if I need to go back to the initial setting, I will know what it was.

Thank you all very much.

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When you go back into C1 the setting will stay as last set. It does take some experimenting to find the sweet spot for each machine.

Type this in a search engine "site grizzlycentral podmod" remove the quotes. Other sites like Grizzly Riders will come up also.

FYI..It seems because of EPA rules this function has been slowly eliminated on the Grizzlies.
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