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If you're like me, you view the site (and about every other site) from your phone. With Photobucket no longer being an affordable option, GC is the best place to host your GC related pics. It's a little more work to get them to show up big in your thread but it's worth it to me and appreciated when I read a pic heavy thread where I don't have to click on every pic.

Note: This is all from the desktop view on an iPhone, not the mobile view. Somebody else can describe that process if it's even possible. This method allows users to post multiple pics where they show up large in the thread with text before and / or after. This view of pics in a thread is preferable to people like myself who rarely view GC on anything other than a mobile device. The other method of posting where we have to click a thumbnail to view a pic works also but is not very user friendly to us phone viewers as there a lot of going back and forth.

1- Go to User CP up top and then to Pictures and Albums on the left side.

2- Select an album.

3- Select Upload Pictures (above the album name).

4- Select Choose File.

5- Find the pic you want to upload in your device. Repeat 4 & 5 as necessary.

6- Tap Upload Pictures

7- Edit Captions if desired and then Save Changes. Your pic now shows up in the album you selected.

8- Select the pic you want to show up in your thread. Scroll down to the BB Code window.

9- Place the curser in the "http" area of the BB Code. You can do this anywhere in the code. This is just where I do it.

10- Hold the curser in that area until you get a highlight (or select) option.

11- Grab the right side of the select tool and slowly drag it straight down until all text to the right is highlighted. When you lift your finger off the screen, the text should remain highlighted. This is a little tricky. If you drag down too far, you'll lose the select tool.

12- Grab the left side of the select tool and drag it to the left until all text to the left is highlighted.

13- Select Copy

14- Go to your other window with GC open and paste the link before or after any text in your post. Then you end up with this (which happens to be my son's Leatt chest protector that we having to send back)-

And you didn't have to click on one damn pic to see them in this whole post! Nice, huh!?! lol

If your portrait oriented photos show up sideways, edit them in your phone with your volume buttons down. Turn the photo, save, turn again to how it should look (still with volume buttons down), and save again. Then upload and it should look right on GC. To avoid this pain in the azzzz, be sure that pics you may upload to GC are taken in landscape orientation with your volume buttons down.

Clear as mud?? This process isn't as smooth as it used to be but it's what we have to work with. I hope this helps somebody out.
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