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Problem with 07-15 Air Cleaner Box Replacement

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Per the title, I just replaced the lower Air Cleaner Box on my '07 Grizzly 700 as I didn't like the way the throttle body rubber joint was sealing from the lower box to the rubber joint. It also looked like there was sealant put on it in the past and didn't know if this was OEM or not, but it has now been replaced.

I did replace the lower box and rubber joint with OEM parts ordered new from partzilla for the same model year as mine. Problem being the Fast Idle Plunger hose connection blocked off compared to my original lower air box.

I went ahead and put everything back together anyway with the Fast Idle Plunger hose being blocked knowing it probably wouldn't start. Sure enough, wouldn't start so pulled off the Fast Idle Plunger hose and it started right up.

I'm assuming something changed for this in later years but not certain what. I'm considering drilling out that blockage so it is like my original lower air box but curious what other's thoughts are on this or how their Fast Idle Plunger hose is routed for later year 686cc engines.
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Whelp, I got impatient and said screw it. Got the bits out and progressively drilled the blockage out. Put her all back together, test started and she fired right up. Won't think anymore about it.
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@RedRocket, hmmm, I'll have to have a look at mine.
Hey..RR.. I can only guess that someone dropped the ball at the factory by not providing a plug in the mold or not reaming it out after it was pulled from the mold.

Yeah... that rubber connector slipped off my 700 twice. First time I was 20-30 miles from home, didn't have an allen wrench that could reach it. I move to the front of the pack as it was just a little dusty that day. Have carried a long allen driver since.

I replaced the coupling after the second time. The coupling is supposed to be glued or sealed to the box. Seems like it should be 1/8" longer.
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The coupling is supposed to be glued or sealed to the box.
That seems as how my original lower box is. When I put the two new pieces together, there is a very tight fit from compression along with flanges on both sides. I didn't feel too worried about using some sort of glue or sealer as it seems sealed very well including it is very difficult to even try and spin the rubber joint in the lower air box. When you replaced yours, did you seal it with something like a rubber glue?
I used a solvent base construction caulking rated to stick to plastic, glass, metal, wood concrete. I used it more to seal out dust than to hold the boot in. The goop that Yamaha used was hard like a solvent base construction glue. I have never heard what that product is.
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