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Problems with too much grease in clutch?

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So I took off my primary to clean it and realized I really should have an impact screwdriver so I have tabled it for now until I can get one. I have watched videos on Youtube and feel pretty good about doing it. Someone else has already worked on it (just bought it used). I noticed that there seems to be ALOT of grease in there. From what I have read/watched you should have about a tablespoon of grease in each roller "journal" and maybe a bit more here and there, but this guy has a poop load in there. The clutch has always seemed noisy to me, and when I took it to the Yamaha dealer to have a plow put on, the service mentioned it also. So my question is, could there be too much weight from the grease causing a "whirring" noise. I am sure that is somewhat normal, but mine seems pretty loud. This is my first grizz and first ATV for that matter. Thanks.
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The excessive grease in your primary is probably from yamaha. I couldn't believe how much grease the factory uses in these things.

My clutchs also have a bit of a whinny noise at around 10km/h and always made a low knocking noise that's sounds like a bad con rod. It's always done since before and after a full service to both clutchs. I have two coworkers with grizzlys that reported simular noises to mine. It is my understanding that these are normal ultramatic noises.
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