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Radiator support caused hole?

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Radiator started leaking, come to find out as i opened up the plastics and saw- the top hole is the one thats leaking and the bottom one looks like its about to. What looks like caused this is the supports or the plastics that are constantly rubbing against this, they are like this on left side also. Did anyone else have this issue? Id hate to replace radiator for it to do the same thing. Thanks

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I guess no one else had this problem? My radiator started smoking today.
I noticed the antifreeze was low when I had the plastics off last week, which I thought was odd since it’s a fairly new machine. I topped it off. Today I had it running maybe five mins pulling it out to spray it off then another two minutes running after I let it dry and pulled it back in the garage to change the differentials. I pulled the plastics back off, and noticed it was low again, but I don’t see any antifreeze in my garage. Or on the Yamaha aluminum skid plates.
What are you seeing low? The radiator or the coolant overflow bottle? What are you topping off?

It could be a coolant weep, which dries before leaving puddles. Or you could have a head gasket gone, and the coolant is being burned off in the cylinder.
Or you might not have an issue at all. Coolant levels will naturally drop over time. How many miles and hours do you have on your machine? How often did you check the coolant level before noticing it was low?

Monitor the coolant level for the next couple rides. If you seem to be constantly adding coolant to the radiator, then you have an issue. The overflow bottle level will fluctuate. Its suppose to do that. Additionally, if your radiator is low, adding coolant only to the overflow bottle takes forever to fill the radiator as it only takes small amounts.
You had mentioned a hole in your radiator did you ever overheat the engine when the radiator was leaking , if so definitely check for blown head gasket. My 08 has never needed any coolant added except when I change it and it gets air in it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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