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Rare- ProCircuit Ti-4 muffler 4 Grizzly 660

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I bought this brand new for Grizzly 660 back 2004, put on my machine, noticed a big improvement in performance, but had a louder bark that made my 2 yr old daughter not want to go for ride, so I pulled the exhaust & stored it in the dry attic. Anyways, exhaust is in new condition. In the factory box with paperwork. I paid almost $400.

uSFS PC2100 spark arrestor, Fits 2002-2007 Grizzly 660, Type 496 system exhaust, part #4fm660fwa / 4QY02660

Will sell for $250 shipped.
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REDUCED... $200shipped. Pics are available. Thanks!
$190 shipped. Just want it out of the garage.

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