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Hi Folks, New to the forum - i searched but couldnt find the answer so I hope its ok to ask here.

I have a 2007 350 which I use for clearing snow. It has worked flawlessly up until recently. I have done very little work on it (oil changes, basic maintenance) but i do work a lot on small engines so I think im probably capable of fixing things.

The rear brake has totally locked.

When I pop off the tire & strip it down the drum brake I can see that the pads are 100% locked in place inside. Even though I loosen the wingnuts on the hand brake and foot pedal the pads are still locked.

Any ideas on what the heck I can do to unlock them?


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Lots of things could cause this. Most common is the brake actuating lever shaft seizes in the the backing plate.

Remove the wing nuts. Use a hammer and tap the actuator lever back (depending on how seized it is, this might require a little force).
Remove brake drum. Now you should be able to figure out exactly what is seized. It's a very basic system.
If the actuator shaft is seized, you can try spraying it with penetrating oil and working it to see if it frees up. This has never worked for me, but it's worth a try.
I always complete remove the shaft. I usually have to hammer it out. Clean the shaft of rust and build up. Do the same in the backing hole (be careful not to damage the O-rings while doing it). Then apply anti-seize or grease to the shaft, and reassemble.
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