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Rear knuckles

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Does anyone know what years knuckles will fit on others..i may need to replace my 2008 grizzly rear knuckles and found some nice 2014 ones...will they fit? Thanks
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Yamaha change the part number in 2011 but Yamaha does that. I would bet that they are the same. Although the newer ones are $100 cheaper.
I sure hope it fits cause i bought the 2014 knuckle..it only had 700km on it and came with a bearing and the knuckle bushings for 44 bucks...id be out that just replaceing the knuckle bushings on my old one
Toxic..Hope it fits! That is a great deal.

Were you been? Haven't seen any posts for a while? Thought maybe you sold your Griz.
I joined the military so have been gone on courses and such for the last year..posted back at a regiment on my home turf..great to be back bikin again..getting ready to put my tracks on and hopeing for lots of snow this year!
Welcome home! Even though we are from different parts of "The Americas" I still want to say thank you for your service.
And welcome back to GC.
Thanks reogem!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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