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Red clutch spring?

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The spring in my secondary clutch is red. Is that the stock color? I bought the machine used and it appears someone has taken apart the primary before. I haven't gotten far enough to see if I have a shim. Just thought I would pose the question to see if the stock color was red. Thanks.
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My stock spring was red on my 2011 700.
I dig up the post to bring a photo can be more explanatory.

I install a purple spring (EPI) and compared the two springs.

The length is about the same the OEM is slightly shorter probably due to the 3700 mile machine.

However, the wire diameter is different, 0.256 "(6.5mm) for OEM versus 0.251" (6.4mm) for EPI violet.

I guess based on the quality of the steel and the heat treatment it went through, no conclusions can be drawn, but it's weird.

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The stock 700 spring is orange, as for length, that might be slightly different than E.P.I.'s spring, its the tension that is important. Did you ride it to feel a difference in back-shift tension?
No, I'm in the process of repairing: Clutch Rebuild Issues!!!!
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