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Remove Ball joints / Wheel Bearings the Easy way!

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Sure if you have a machine shop with a 10 ton press or handy Porta Power..
But WAIT!!!

Rather than beat a perfectly good socket to pieces, bust a knuckle, waste band-aids, throw tools and work up a sweat, Do this!!!

Go to an O'Reillys near you and rent their free (yes, really free) Cool Tools ......

get the
67045 Ball Joint Press and
67049 Honda Ball joint adapter set (cause they are small joints like a grizzly)

It makes removing the ball joints ON THE BIKE a snap ..and it removes wheel bearings too...!!!
For youze GC guys who actually read instructions, they have instructions too!! Get some now!!!! :laugh:

Oh see those scratch marks on the top of the giant C clamp? those are from me chucking the clamp in my giant bench vise, look ma, no hands!!!


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Well that sure looks familiar. I've had this one for 10 years. Used it lots. Guess I'll pick up some Honda adapters. Thanks!


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Cool and thanks! I've added this post to the FAQ under General.
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check out the OTC 4965 kit made for grizzly. I am going to borrow the honda kit from advance auto when my parts arrive hopefully this week. Seems like the distributor sent my last parts order to Florida by mistake when sorting lol.
I just used a 3' pry bar to remove the spindle for a wheel bearing change without any damage to the boots.
Just make sure the machine is supported well.

Ironically, I ordered one of those tools for the job and got tired of waiting for it so I tried the pry bar..and I'm done!
How do you press them back in?
I looked at this kit and couldn't get it to clear the top of the knuckle.
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