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Reverse light blinking?

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After some trail riding today, got home and unloaded the quad. Was idling a little too rich, smoking and reverse light was blinking? This is on a 2006 grizzly 660. Is this an error code? It seems to be running okay at this point. And all day on the trail she was handling awesome. Thanks in advance.
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Means your reverse sensor has failed. You can replace it or bypass it. Most do the bypass. Once bypassed though, the reverse light will never come on again. But you will also have full power in reverse at all times. No limiters.

You can also put a switch on the bypass circuit wiring. This way you can turn on the bypass when you like.
The part is easy to change out and only costs $27 plus shipping. Get the washer too.
You'll find it above the CVT cover, accessed from the right side. Looks like a mini spark plug.


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Replace the sensor and if you want to override the rev limiters do it with a switch. Just in case less experienced riders get on you machine.
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