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Figured Id ask this here since Im sure some of y'all have added them. Question is I have a wiring harness adapter that ties into the back of my 7 pin trailer plug that gives me an extra 5 pin plug. Can I use the hot, ground, and reverse wires for some less lights without burning something up? truck is a silverado.

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That is kind of an open ended question without too much detail to give you a good response.

It depends is really all that can be said.

What is it you are trying to accomplish? You will need to know what current draw is expected on those wires by way of what the current draw is from the device you are planning to attach. Then you'll need to know what those factory wires are rated for, assuming what you are referring to is the factory installed wiring for a tow package.

Also, you should test each wire coming from the 7-pin with 5-pin connected to know exactly what is going on. There are diagrams that give the pin outs online of 7-pin tow hitches if that is a factory install that has not been messed with. Reason for the long explanation is some of those wires, for instance what you are referring to as hot, may be the hot charge pin meant to provide +12V to charge a battery on the towed vehicle, like a travel trailer. Reverse may not actually be connected and in some cases, a fuse is required for the 7-pin.

Test to know what you are dealing with and make sure everything lines up so you don't try and over drive those wires.
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