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Saratoga New Grizzly125 owner

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Hello. Glad I found group. Bare with me while I try to figure this site out. Hope to get a lot of information about my quad.. Use Grizzly 125. bought it for kids but I ride to :)
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Hey, I'm still a kid (at heart)

Welcome to GC.
Welcome to GC from Tn. and congrats on the new ride for the "kids"
Welcome to GC
Welcome to GC from Maine.
used to be called a 125 Breeze...download a factory service manual and you can get the owners manual free on line as well..basic little bike..cvt..FNR stick on side...starts only on neutral
Only goes into reverse if you hold the hand brake down otherwise engine kills..
reliable as gravity unless you overload it then it strips output shaft on transmission.

separate sump for trans and engine oil..

read owners manual..it will fix you up
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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