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shifting the GRIZZ

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My wife just bought me a 2008 350 "GRIZZ" my question is : is there a clutch ? or do I just put it in gear ? seems that now that it is colder it is hard to shift from forward to reverse, I am assuming that the pedal on the floor on the right side is the brakes am I right on this? does this model just shift hard or am I doing something wrong? one last thing it takes forever to warm up so I can take the chock off is this normal to ?
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Foot pedal brake on the right. That's rear brake. If there are 2 hand levers, those are both brakes as well.
To shift, press down on rear brake.
Do a favor for yourself and your wife and take an ATV riding course. In some areas of the country this is mandatory for riding on public property anyway.
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Yes buy a service manual and get on youtube. Very good to get familiar with you machine. My 660 Grizzly you have to press the rear break to shift.
Google Yamaha CVT transmission. No clutch, and no gears other than high and low.

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You implied that it wasn’t difficult to shift before it got cold. Correct? A high idle can make it difficult to shift.
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Kind of neat to see a BRAND NEW rider on the forum, normally it’s someone who ‘had a Polaris before and saw the light’... Nice friendly reminder of the vastness of the interwebs.

Good luck with your machine, as others said a riding course and owners manual are your best bet - but GC will do it’s best to help!

You might have to apply the rear brake a little harder to shift it. It’s automatic so no shifting while moving. Welcome to GC, I’m fairly new here and people are very helpful

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