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Last weekend I had issues getting my 2011 450 eps started. I would turn the key on hit the starter button and hear a click and the engine did not turn over. I did some research on this forum and other sites and started the trouble shooting process.

I was hoping it was not my starter because I was not looking forward to getting it out.

Here's what I did (I'm not sure if this will be helpful for those of us who are not super mechanics).

1) charged my battery overnight (this battery is pretty new). Result: I got the same clicking sound and engine did not turn over.

2) Verified that I didn't pop any fuses with a volt meter. Result: no burnt fuses

3) Bypassed the Starter solenoid to verify the starter would turn. I took a line from the + side of the battery terminal directly to the starter line (the line right next to were the + battery terminates on the starter relay). I disconnected the + line going to the starter relay before this. Result: The stater ran and the engine turned over and I ordered a new starter solenoid last night.

This morning I connected all the wires again and hit the start button and got the clicking and the engine didn't turn over. Then jumped across the terminal on the solenoid and started the engine. I shut down the engine and hit the start button one more time. The darn thing started like it never had a problem.

So here's my question. Does anyone have any thoughts about what happened? If i was guessing I'm thinking my solenoid was stuck open and I knocked loose by working around it. Do they act flaky like this before they completely fail? I plan on replacing it when my new one comes in but would like to hear some thoughts from some of you who know more then me.

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The clicking indicates low voltage, but you charged the battery and jumped/bypassed the problem area.
It could be a failing part so the new one will take care of that. Make sure all connections are clean from the battery too.
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