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Starting issue

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Ok, my first post so please be kind. I chose my username because, though I've owned my Grizzly 450 for 11 years, this is my first time on a forum and I know little about how these machines work. I'm a gal who isn't afraid to get in there and try, though I need a lot of support through the process. So, here goes.

My Grizz has been sitting unused for awhile. The battery was the original and had gone dead due to leaving the key on, but seemed ok after charging. Then it sat for awhile again, and I couldn't get it to start so bought a new battery. Hooked it up and expected her to churn to life, but instead, there was a click and the display went dark when I hit the start button. Turn the key off, and then back on and the display lights up again.

I have virtually no electrical knowledge, so is this a short, or something to do with the starter relay? We did have a mouse explosion in the shop last year, so I thought maybe some wires got chewed.

Meanwhile, I'd never been able to get her started with the pull cord but just learned about the compression issue so thought I'd try the bypass maneuver ( or have my husband try since it sounds like it might be hard regardless).

Glad to have found the forum. I've fixed a lot of stuff with the help of forums, so looking forward to answers!
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Check your battery terminals for loose connections. The bolts may be too long and bottoming out before actually clamping down the wire terminals to the battery posts. This will cause a loose connection, and you'll get the symptoms you describe.
Welcome from Colorado.
X-2 on above.
Use a multi-meter and check for proper voltage to and from fuses, then to the starter. Just follow the wires.
Welcome to GC and X2 on what Dezz said it has happened to me when I replaced my battery
Thanks, folks. After trying to pull start it a couple of times, I tried the starter button and it started! If it should act up again I will recheck the terminals, but glad to know it isn't something like chewed wires or something that needs to go to a shop! Glad for forums!
You should not wait to check the terminals. If you have a problem, it didn't disappear on it's own. It's still present.
If you have loose battery terminals and keep operating it, you can have arcing on the terminals. This can melt the terminals and the wiring, and you'll need to replace the battery and the wiring.
Definitely take Dezz's advice because if it play's up again it will do it miles from nowhere, machines are like that!
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