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T4S tracks on 2018 Grizzly

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Hey, any one here have a problem with the back tracks hitting the fenders when going over humps?
Mine seems to be rubbing the fender when going over a bump. i was thinking about putting in a one inch lift kit.
Just wondering what you guys thought.


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Should try increasing spring preload first. Mine sometimes hit the fenders, no damage though.
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Yeah, my 2014 used to rub occasionally, too. Never caused much damage. I would have considered a lift if I had studded the tracks.

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What if you sanded the corner for more room?
I added taller tires to the grizz and there was a slight rub to the running board(s) when the suspension was sacked out. The tires wore in until there was no rub, but with tracks you may want to help the process along by sanding.
I have commander xtr's, I run springs up on 1 click from full hard. Try fooling with your suspension first .............. if you are still not pleased then try adjusting the "arms" that stop your tracks from spinning like tires.

I hope you understand my explanation...............................please let us know what was done to fix your problem.
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Personally I don't own a set of tracks but I have heard it said several times before that a lift is the best thing to do with tracks. Gives you worry free ride time.
we have the same issue but we own Kodiac. We adjusted the shocks, next is going to be spacers. We even took off the plastic for your feet and rednecked some metal foot pegs. its better, but with 2 people its still fetching up.
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