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Temp light staying on

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I had posted about a Grizzly/Rhino build I'm doing and finally got it up and going today. I noticed my temp light is staying on though. I know it will normally come on at startup but should go off. I think the sensor is on the head where the thermostat goes on? It is a little sensor with a flat connector on it. I found the only plug that would fit and tried it but still wouldn't go off. Especially with it being a motor swap and having to get the air out of the radiator lines I would really like it to be working in case something isn't just right. If anyone can point me in the right direction or if thats not where the sensor is then let me know.
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on a rzr, we always raised the front end up high, is this a Grizzly or a rhino?
Your sensor is bad. I have replaced several on Yamaha Rhino's. I did one in December actually.

You have the sensor location correct. It is just a flat blade connector with a single wire going to it.
In my experience only use the Yamaha OEM part. All others that I tried have been operating backwards. In December the Rhino owner ordered 1 off eBay. It was operating backwards (turned the light off when hot). He contacted the seller who sent him another switch. It too was backwards. The owner then ordered another from a different source. Again, that one was backwards too.
That convinced him to get the Yamaha Part. Installed and on his way.
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I've got another one that came off either the Grizzly or Rhino motor. I had plenty of extra stuff. I'll try to pull the center console and swap it out. Yeah I don't have much good to say about the knock off after market stuff. I only use it on certain things or when the price isn't even close. I would normally much rather use good used oem over china stuff.

Drmud it is a Rhino with a Grizzly motor in it.
I pulled the console back off and swapped the sensor with another I had on a 660 head. I got the same results as the other though. I ohm'd it out and it showed to be good. When the motor is turning over the temp light goes off, Once it starts up it comes on and stays on. I did pull my thermostat cover off while I was looking at it and discovered there wasn't one in there. I'll have to order that this week. I did check the coolant and the fan was coming on and cycling off. Everything seems to be working right. Is there anything else that I could be missing?
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