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We had too many Sticky topics in this forum and I'm compounding them to one Sticky topic with the links to valuable topics in this section. If you know of a topic that deserves to be in this list, just report that topic as needs to be stuck here. ATTN Moderators: If a topic needs to be put in this list, just edit this top post please. Now, on with the list!

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Cautionary Tale
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ATTN MODERATORS: This was a sticky I had up for several years and is no longer listed. If you deem it's worthy....here it is again.

Updated 7/10/18

2010 YFM550 Grizz, 4X4 Auto, FI EPS

Engine Oil:
  • Depends on your area's seasonal temp ranges
  • Oil must be rated JASO MA for the wet clutch
  • Approx 2-1/4 qts with the filter
  • 17mm socket for the drain plug

Shell Rotella T6 Syn 5W-40
Amsoil 0W-40
Lucas 10W-40
Yamalube (read it is a mediocre oil, others above are preferred)

Gear Oil For Final Drive and Differential Drive:
  • Owners manual says SAE 80 API GL-4 Hypoid gear oil
  • FD .21 qts (rear end) / DD (front end) .23 qts
  • Check cold
  • 1 gt will do both drives

Amsoil Marine Gear Lube Synthetic 75W/80W-90
Lucas Marine Gear Oil M8 - Pure Synthetic - Can be used as 75W-90 and 80W-90 (exceeds GL-4 spec)

NOTE: You have to remove 3 bolts (plugs) to service the Final Drive/rear end. There is a drain plug (6mm allen), an inspection plug for the new oil to run out (10mm, has a copper gasket) and the fill plug (21mm). See page 8/26 and 8/27 in the owners manual. If you do not do this correctly you will over service the rear end. Also make sure you spray out the crud inside the 6mm allen hole so the 6mm allen wrench fully seats into the head of the plug. Otherwise you could round out the head and end up hating life. Do it for the 5mm allen plug on the front end too.

Oil Filter:

K&N KN-204, KN-204C for chrome (K&N website)
Bosch 3323 (tall filter)
Amsoil EaOM103 / EaOM103C for chrome (from the Amsoil website)
NAPA Gold FIL 1356 (tall filter, it's a WIX filter)
Mobil 1 M1-108 Extended Performance
Purolator PL14612

NOTE: I prefer the taller filters as they are easier to remove and they should provide more surface area for filtration than the short filters....my opinion only. A universal oil filter wrench that fits these smaller ATV oil filters will make removal easier.

Air filter:

K&N Air Filter YA-7007 (cleaner/oil kit is KN 99-5050)
Uni Air Filter NU-3212ST
PJ-1 Spray Cleaner and Filter Oil was mentioned a few times

Spark Plug:
  • Owners manual says NGK/LMAR6A-9
  • Owners manual says the gap is .031-.035

LMAR6A-9, Stock Number 5946, gap .036 (from the NGK website)

  • Ratio is 1:1 (figure 50:50)
  • Radiator capacity 2.10 qts (all routes)
  • Reservoir capacity .25 qts (up to the max level mark)

Owners manual says use a high quality ethylene glycol antifreeze containing corrosion inhibitors for the aluminum engine

Brake Fluid:

Owners manual says DOT 4 fluid
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