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Throttle seems to be stuck.

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Today I started up my 2010 Yamaha Grizzly 350 and while it was warming up it was normal but as soon as I started to drive it the throttle seemed to get stuck. I initially thought it was a little bit of icing in the carburetor so I brought it into the garage to thaw for a bit and I took the carb apart, drained the fuel that was in it, checked the diaphragm and needle, checked the throttle body and idle setting and checked the choke. Nothing seems to be out of sorts with any of it, slightly dirty (I've seen worst), but nothing too bad. When I got it all back together and started it I got the same thing, the engine revved like the throttle was still stuck. I can't find anything wrong with it but it still shoots to a high RPM. My next guess is the throttle cable is frayed inside of the housing based on the observation of where the throttle body comes to rest, it doesn't come to rest on the idle screw it's a good 1/4 to 3/8" from coming into contact with the idle set screw. Any ideas?
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Oh, also the thumb throttle returns to the normal position when I let go of it and the range of motion is as it should be, there is no slack when the thumb throttle is released and the spring returns it back to the idle position without a catch.
The outer throttle cable sits in a little bucket on the carby, it can sometimes get pulled out & sit on top of this bucket giving you a high idle, seat it back in, outer cable can be jammed on frame parts, follow cable & make sure it's free, cable adjuster snagged, same as at carby.
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