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Tire help

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Researching tires is driving me crazy, so many options and so many opinions. So here's what I'm looking for and hopefully I can get some solid recommendations. Just upgraded to a 2011 Grizzly 550. I use my ATV for hunting, ice fishing, and utility work around the yard. But I wouldn't mind doing a little trail riding with the new ride. I want a tire that does well in snow and can handle muddy trails and water holes but it does not need to get through deep sloppy mod or swamps. Some of the terrain on our hunting property is rough and there some water but I also can't have too rough a ride so I can't be too aggressive because my family will use the machine to take rides up and down the road with the kids in the summer and for work around the cabin.

Looking at either a more aggressive trail type tire or a lighter mud tire.

Love to hear your recommendations!


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Sounds like if you're leaning trail the Big Horns would be good , but a lot of people love the Zillas for the mud. Since you have a 550 the light weight of the Zillas for a mud tire or Big Horn 2.0 might be a better choice. There are tons of good tires on the market that will fit you're needs , these are just a couple I've had experience with.
Congrats on your upgrade!

Bought my bike with mudlite XTR radial tires already on it. Excellent all purpose tires that last a long time. Not the best in soft or fluffy snow. My buddy runs swamp lites on his grizzly. They're great in soft or fluffy snow conditions, and do well in most anything else. But I hear swamp lites won't last as long. Also heard great things about Zillas for trail / mud tires and they're lighter then swamp lites, and XTRS.

After you select the right tire to suit your needs, if you ever feel you need more bottom end grunt out of your little 550 for CHEAP, they respond VERY well to 1 or 1.5 mm shim mod and a bit stronger secondary spring. Just saying.
X2 on Mudlite XTR for your needs. Bighorns are great tires but I've heard they're not so great in the snow. We had the XTR's on our old Rincon. They did well on the trail and in moderate mud. DO NOT confuse the XTR's with regular Mudlite tires!!!! Many members have reported that regular Mudlites are worthless and often referred to as Pluglites. One member did report that the regular Mudlites do perform well in the snow when you run them backwards. lol
The Terra-cross is a nice tire , I considered them but I got a good deal on some Black-water EVOs........your 550 probably could turn them but the shim-mod would be most likely needed. Once the power issue is addressed there are MANY tire choices such as pitbull rockers ,pitbull growlers , itp terra-cross ,itp blackwater evo ,and on and on. Lol!

I've owned Bighorns they wear well. Where they ARE a better tire than most stockers they lack in the traction department.............(In MY opinion)............they do O.K. just not as good as say a mudlite xtr..................
A excellent all around tire is the Pit Bull Growler XOR BG 2.5. They are a 6 ply rated radial tire that is tough and rides smooth. I have had a couple of different sets of them on ATV's in the past with very good results. Here is a link to them on our web site:

Pit Bull Growler XOR BG 2.5 | Discount Tire Direct

Please let us know if we can help.
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Thanks for all the help. Pulled the trigger on some Bearclaw HTRs today, $365 for the set. Think they'll treat me well for my needs.
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