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tire wheel thoughts

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been doing reading and searching for tire and wheel combos , thinking of the itp ss312 12 inch machined and black wheels with 26 inch bearclaw htrs , do mostly trail and some gravel roads, I see a lot of ss212 wheels out there, I'm assuming it's personal preference on the looks of the wheels, I like the 312s...ive only seen these in 5+2 offsets, will the 5+2 offsets and the 9 inch wide on front and 11 inch wide on the back widen the total machine 2 inches on each side? also from the posts I've read I don't think I'm gonna do any clutch work..what y'all think of that setup? I don't wanna run spacers but wanna widen and stabilize this thing. 2014 550 grizz
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I have no experience with aftermarket wheels yet but it should work fine and give you more stability
You won't need spacers as your rims will give you the wider stance already . Try it without clutch mods, and see how you like it.

With my 550, I couldn't stand the lack of bottom end pull with my heavy tires so I started with the cheap and simple shim mod and just kept going after that.
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