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Trying to figure out what year my Kodiak 400 4X4 is.

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I bought the Off of marketplace I'm probably the 3rd owner may be 4th and I can't figure out the correct year it was sold as a 2003 but I'm thinking That's not right. I've looked For the Vin plate and it's either corroded over or gone. I need to find out What generation it is so I can buy parts here are some pictures.


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It looks like a 2004 based on your pictures. We had a 2003 and still have a 2001 kodiak 400. That era of Kodiaks are tanks. Very well built.
The vin is stamped in the frame behind the left front wheel in front of the footrest
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Thanks for the reply. I just took the rear axle bearings out and wasn't sure what year to order to replace them because it's got a drum brake and I thought newer then 2000 had disk brakes.
It has a straight axle on the rear end it doesn't have independent suspension.what year did they start putting the independent suspension on them? It also has a drum break not disk in caliper.
I'm about 90% it's a 2003..

When it debuted in 2000, the Kodiak 400 4x4 set
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the standard, impressing the heartiest enthusiast
brother, the Kodiak 450. Rolling off the assembly
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Kodiak 400 2WD are adapting well to the American
ifestyle. All the densely wooded forests
mountainous terrain, farms and hunting make this
bear feel right at home. Focusing on comfort and
power for its riders, the Kodiak 400 4x4 is built to
the highest performance standards...

Thanks for the help. It's either a 03 or 04 and I think the rear end bearings I need will for both..
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It may be a 2003 but the tank decals look like 2004.
Looks just like my 2004. They went to IRS in 2005. My 2004 still has the drum brake in the rear.
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ok so.if u look at some of your parts.they should have a code on them if original.then u might find what year it is.i.i the gas take should have it stamped in it somewhere.
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