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URGENT- EPS problem!

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Hey guys!
Trying to surprise my brother who is coming back from deployment in two days with a 2013 grizzly 450 EPS i got him. Got it for a whopping 3200 with low hours orignal owner etc. Realized the EPS light is on, the owner said he fixed some wiring due to a rat eating some of it and replaced the harness etc, but I looked all around and couldn`t find anything eaten for the EPS wiring. The light doesnt go off once it starts, i got a service manual and even tried the self diagnostic with the blue wire grounding, but it doesn`t do anything- almost like theres no codes? I took it all apart and looked at most wiring and didn`t see anything wrong. Im stuck?? Fuse is also good. Thanks so much really looking forward to any answers.
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Welcome to GC. We have some electrical gurus here who will help get you squared away. In the meantime, you might search the forum for similar issues that were resolved. And tell your brother that the GC crew appreciates his service.
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