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first off, Hello, thanks for the add,
I recently bought a 2012 grizzly 550 eps
with a few issues...but one has me concerned, so the motor has been completely rebuilt, the original owner had some financial issues , so a few odds and ends where not addressed, thus the wet clutch...so I tore the wet clutch out, to verify what was going on...so, where the wet clutch lives there are 3 "holes" which I presume are oil passages..there are 2 other holes with threads in them...but no bolt...I can fit a screwdriver in them , whith my cell phone I put the light to the "threaded holes" ...I don t know what they would serve for..I do have the shop manual ,wich I ve searched, I cant seem to find anything nor from inside the crankcase or from wet clutch side...anyone have a clue,
help would be much appreciated

best regards

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If you look at both sides of the crankcase you will find plenty of holes ,some threaded. If I had to take a WAG. It seems that the holes that aid in the production. Some maybe casting related while most would be to hold and index the casting for machining for the oil galleries, bearings and shafts.
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