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I installed the Warn upper limit #85950 and the Slack Control #85742. Bought this 2014 Griz 700 in April and installed kit so I have yet to plow with it.
When I mounted the plow last weekend the plow bumped the upper limit switch and broke it loose. (very easy to brake, need to relocate to outside of bracket).
So I called WARN customer service 1st time I was told to go to my dealer and get the part number and order the switch. My dealer could not find a part number for the switch alone only for the whole kit #85950. So my second call to WARN now i'm told the switch is not a replacement part only by buying the whole kit. Told the WARN customer service rep I was very disappointed. This part is easily knocked off and they need to offer it as a replacement part.
So does anyone know where to buy a hall effect limit switch that will work with the WARN kit?
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