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Warn Winch Working Intermittently

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hey Guys,

So swapped my warn Provantage 2500 to my new quad. It worked fine then it starting having problems this winter. It will work, then just stop and click then work again. Sucks for plowing!

I took it out, cleaned all the connections, made sure everything was hooked up tight and same thing.

It is getting power to the solenoid fine, it just clicks at the solenoid. Sooo, need new solenoid or could it be something with the actual winch motor or the handlbar switch?

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So I think I got it working again.

Turned out to be the Solenoid. I took it apart and clean the porcelain "points".
Works now, so if it goes again, I will replace the Solenoid, but if anyone is having a clicking at the solenoid, that is probably the problem.

I did bench test the winch also as well as test the switch and solenoid separately to pinpoint the problem.

When mine was just clicking it was the handlebar switch.
All the Warn's I've ever dealt with have had an "overheat" protection shutoff. I believe its in the solenoid and shuts down when it gets warm to prevent damage.. While plowing Ive had winches on almost every machine I owned shut down on me. Some will not raise the plow, some will not let it out.. If I wait a few minutes it comes back again. My current Warn (Yamaha badged) 2500 winch is running off of a Runva 250 amp solenoid and it was Flawless this morning while plowing for an hour. the original Warn Solenoid leaked and corroded so I had to replace it. Bought the replacement at "Canada Winch.com" for about $45
Cool thanks
Worked for a night then crapped on me again.
I’ll try that

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I know I am bring up an old thread but thought it might be better then starting a new one.

I have had similar issues with my warn winch the past few winters. One thing I have found is the connection between the rocker switch and solenoid will get wet when plowing (warmer days). I have disconnected the bullet connectors and used a hair dryer to dry them out it will work again. At least that's what I thought was causing the problem. The overheat protection is making more sense. With the time it takes me to "dry" it out is really just giving the overheat time to reset. Is there away to tell if the solenoid is shutting off do to over heat? On really cold days I do not get the intermittent problem like I do on warmer days. I though this was due to the fact that there was no moisture causing the issue but I see now that it might be the colder temperatures are keeping the solenoid from overheating. One thing that was leading me to the rocker switch connections was the fact that my wireless remote would still work. I was thinking of using dielectric grease on the connectors and then heat shrink tubing over top of the connectors.
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When the problem occured mostly in winter it’s probably the solenoid freezing. I had this problem on mine with the warn 2500 winch. First the solenoid was located in the lower front behind the winch and it’s the worst spot. So relocation is not an option. I put mine up near the battery. And second the solenoid needs to be replaced since it does not seal properly and humidity comes in. I have done that and no more problems whatever the temperature.
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