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Wench problem?

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When I raise blade on my 2009 700 it works great but when I lower it and as the weight of the blade hits the ground my quad just about dies because the wench is drawing so much power. What in the hell could b the problem!?!?!?
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Wench problem

Usually I find a slap on the bottom sorts 'em out :wink2:
Now to your other problem, I've just been flapping my fingers(hunt & peck) over Earth's on another thread so I'll suggest you remove & wire brush all lead connector surfaces, threads of bolts etc ALL the earth's on your rig & see how it goes, don't assume that if the lead is tight that it has a good earth. Another thing to consider is that car winch's can be used at idle as the alternator is pumping out power at idle, the quad bike system is the same as a bikes it pumps out power at higher rev's & nothing at idle :nerd: put a multimeter on your battery at idle & it will show what charge is in the battery, bring the rev's up & it will increase to about 14.5V(or so) & that's when you should use the wench/winch(they luv high voltage >:) )
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I'm of no technical help on this one so just goofing off. :surprise:


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I agree with guipago....most likely your grounds need to be removed, sanded to shiny bare metal and then re-installed...that would included the main wiring lines, winch to plate points, and the winch plate to frame, and power wires to the control assembly as well. Also check the frame to battery connection too, a dedicated ground cable from the battery to the winch probably wouldn't be a bad idea either......can never have too many grounds. Grounds are even more important then the power wires, but are usually over looked and forgotten. Wouldn't hurt to remove the power wire(s) as well and make sure they have good clean connections.
I think @guipago is onto something there... Or things as the case may be.
Check your other thread.
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