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Wet clutch still good?

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Decided to inspect the wet clutch. The one way bearing looks worn. Notice the difference between the used and the new.

I don't know what thickness the pads should be. Does mine look like it needs replacing?
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Oneway bearing is worn. I'd replace it.

Wet clutch is fine.
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Oneway bearing is worn. I'd replace it.

Wet clutch is fine.
Thanks again Dezz! I have the new oneway bearing so I am definitely replacing it. I'm glad the wet clutch is fine. It's that much less money to put on the Grizzly. I've already got close to 500$ in parts put on it so far.
Is there anything special I need to do when I install the new gasket? RTV, a thin coating of oil or just straight on and reinstall the cover?
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I put my gasket on dry and it’s not leaking a drop. I just cleaned the surfaces really well.

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The gaskets are just a dry install.
The surface your putting it on is more important. Make sure it's clean and smooth.
Thanks guys. The old one was a real pain to remove. Almost like it was glued on.

Both surfaces are now clean and shiny after many coats of gasket remover and lots of delicate scraping.
I should reiterate what I typed above...or add more to it.

Those gaskets are dry install gaskets. They do not require any extra coating.
BUT...this is not to say that you can't put something on them. If you want to coat the gasket in silicone gasket maker or RTV, go ahead. It's not going to hurt. In some circumstances it will require it. Examples of that is a damaged or rough mating surface. If mating surfaces are not smooth, then the gasket will not seal. A small coat of gasket maker will fix that in most cases as it will fill the voids of the roughness and seal it up.
Agree your wet clutch looks good. I do add a little gasket maker just something I do.
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