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What size is the headlight housing on a Grizzly 700

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I’m looking to retrofit my grizzly headlights and my quads in a friends heated shop right now. Could anyone please give me the diameter of the headlight housings for a 2008 grizzly 700?

I found a round hi/low led projector headlight for a Harley Davidson that is 5 3/4 round and would be a quick retro into the factory buckets if it’s not too large. The only other size I have found is 4.5 inch round but that might be to small.

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It's nearly impossible to get a caliper on a mounted headlight housing however it's close to 5.25" so the 5.75" would be close to 1/2" too large to fit stock housing. You could save a few bucks by trying a LED H4 bulb with Hi/Low, they can be had for much less than the Harley lights. I replaced my stock bulbs with LED H4's about 4 years ago and they are still going strong. Only difference is that they didn't offer Hi/Low back when we all originally jumped on them. We all may need to update so find a good bulb and let us know.
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Here is my latest project regarding headlight swap - 2018 model... but I think they might be similar. 4.7” was pretty much stuffed in there: https://www.visionxusa.com/shop/4-7-cg2-multi-led-light-cannon/

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