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What Will And Will Not Void Y.E.S?

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I took the 4 year extended warranty out on my Kodiak 700 because I've been having issues with it since day one, granted nothing too extreme yet, but I just wanted to be safe. Anyway, I was curious as to what modifications will void the warranty, for example will things like clutch slugs, or even LED bars void it?
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There are two Yamaha dealers within reasonable distance to me, the one wouldn't replace the melted plastics, and the other refuses to do warranty work because we bought it from somewhere other than them.
Thats what you'd get around here as well.. they might serve you if they were super slack with no work on in the shop, maybe... But even then, they'd never go to bat for you. It's always a fight to get something warrantied. I've never owned a Yammy from brand new that needed warranty so I can't really speak to that. But I've had 2 polaris's, 2 Kawi Butes, and a Canam outlander.. Same kind of fights at all places. Like somehow the handlebars falling off in my hands is my fault for installing a Muffler... (Fake story, but you get the point)
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