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What Will And Will Not Void Y.E.S?

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I took the 4 year extended warranty out on my Kodiak 700 because I've been having issues with it since day one, granted nothing too extreme yet, but I just wanted to be safe. Anyway, I was curious as to what modifications will void the warranty, for example will things like clutch slugs, or even LED bars void it?
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When i bought mine in early 2015, the steelership told me that the Y.E.S. would be voided if i brought my grizz in with tires bigger than stock, any kind of lift kit, any kind of snorkel kit, any mods to the clutches. basically i could add lights as i pleased and get aftermarket wheels and tires but of the same size of factory tires, and mods to the plastics like fender flairs are ok as well.


the steelership i bought my grizz from and was dealing with are a bunch of morons so after trying to take it in 2 times i never brought her back, when something has come up i check it out first my self (im a mechanic by trade) then turn to grizzly central and thats all ive ever needed. but at the same time i know there has been a lot of issues with the newer grizzlies so it might be more worth it for you to keep it. worst case if you do mod the wheels and tires or a spring and shims on the clutch... make sure to put every thing back to factory stock before taking her in for warranty :)

hope it all works out well for you
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The dealership i bought mine from and took it to twice for warranty, both times they told me that they can only replace BROKEN parts, the issue i was having was intermittent so they tried saying that i had defective parts and they can replace them until they fully break..... and i'm not joking or exaggerating. i'm a mechanic by trade to i fixed the issues my self and called Yamaha directly and made a complaint, they ended up sending me some replacement parts that the dealership should of replaces...
the warranty with Yamaha isn't the problem, its with the dealerships, and its all because they don't make much of anything after its all said and done. they don't want to have any job showing low margin regardless of warranty or billable service. what i did learn from my experience is that you can all and make a complaint to Yamaha about which ever dealership is screwing you over and Yamaha does in fact follow up with the dealership owners. Yamaha also informed me that i would have better luck had i taken it to the next closest dealership to me as that dealership was Yamaha ProStar Certified. basically meaning that the dealership is put up the money to send their techs to Yamaha factory training. the guy from Yamaha also told me that it doesn't matter which dealership i take my grizzly to in the entire USA for warranty work, they are all supposed to do their job and work for me the customer, and if they don't they then Momma Yamma needs to know about it. im not usually one to go taddle-telling to cause a fuss..... but with 90% of these Stealerships and how they conduct crooked business..... screw-em! out of the 3 closest dealerships to me i have called in about 2 of them, mainly the 1 that i bought my grizz from which is the main one that screwed me over with the warranty work and yamaha got a long list of complaints from me about them (whole long rant story i posted about them on here a good while back), the other one i made a complaint as all of the sales and parts employees were seriously rude and once the sales person realized i was only in there to browse and get a few parts... well he basically told me to go screw my self for wasting the 5 minutes he spent talking to me... so Momma Yamma got a report about them as well as a stinky review on Google, and that dealership did get a call from Yamaha because the store manager gave me a call and wanted to know who all i talked to and dealt with and what all exactly happened because he was pretty PO'd. but for warranty work i would recommend to search on Google or call up Yamaha directly and give them your info/location and see what the best dealership closest to you would be for warranty work. the dealership should be half decent if they are Yamaha ProStar Certified in my opinion.
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