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Wheel spacers safe ??

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Hi,guys,I am new here.
I am thinking about getting wheel spacers and found these from Hex auto parts.
they are hub centric and are made out of billet aluminum would they be safe with the factory wheels?
I know people have had problems running aluminum spacers before but it was due to them trying to use non hub centric spacers on a hub centric wheel.
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I can't see your image, but I have 1" billet aluminum spacers on my factory aluminum rims on my grizz. I think with quality spacers and proper installation and torque these billet aluminum spacers are very safe and should provide a excellent stability and reliability for the life of your machine.

Few years back I was riding my father's polaris with another guy who had the cheap, cheesy long stud style spacers on an Artic Cat 500 with huge tires. He sheared off the right rear wheel the first day and then the left wheel the next day! Scary!
I have 4700 miles running 1.25 in aluminum spacers on my factory aluminum wheels.
Welcome to GC from Maine. These guys will help you out.
Hey, I've been running 1" spacers on my Diesel Sportsman for a couple years, the thing weighs 800 lbs, has caught air multiple times, and is turning 27" mudlites. no issues so far. The style I got offsets the lug pattern, so the spacer actually mounts to the hub, and the spacer has a second set of studs and nuts 45 degrees to them on which the wheel mounts to. I'd be comfortable doing it to all my machines.
I've got over 1500 miles on my 1.5 in spacers with no problems. Me and a few of my riding buddies use XXBillettXX off Ebay
The solid aluminum wheel spacers are as safe to use as not using them at all. There's no extra failure point in them.

The spacer studs on the other hand, are an accident waiting to happen. Those are weak and are prone to bending and breaking. Stay far away from these.
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