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Will the airbox lid fit?

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Hey guys, I was recently looking into a performance airbox lid for my Grizzly, and I didn't find a one built for a 660. First qestion is, will a Grizzly 700 airbox lid fit a 660? Second is, what about a lid for a raptor 700 fit a 660 Grizz? Any answers to these questions and discussion on what is the best to buy would be great. I live in a very dusty reigon if that affects things. Oh, and one more thing. Could I just get a Grizzly 700 airbox mod kit for my '02 660? Thanks!
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Can't help with your lid issue, but will say this if you have lots of dust in your area.....Not sure what air filters the grizzlies use, but I am a firm believer in paper element filters.....the oil soaked cloth type filters do not trap enough particulates for my liking, move more air YES, but at the expense of proper filtration. I have had some very large pieces of debris make it through those K&N type filters, and ever since then will only run paper filters. I just look at what commercial trucks run....paper filters...:wink2: ....steps down from soap box. :grin2:
@therashingcows (I love that handle by the way!) I love the part about the soap box. That's good to know! Is there a paper pod filter? What brand do you run?
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@therashingcows (I love that handle by the way!) I love the part about the soap box. That's good to know! Is there a paper pod filter? What brand do you run?
I have been working on old vehicles for over 30 years, but am pretty new to quads in general. I have not had a chance yet to see if I could find paper element filters for my two yamaha 350 quads....but it is definitely on my list of things to do before next summer.

I figured out a paper element filter for an old 48 Desoto I had, originally the old oil bath system which is a pretty poor system for trapping particuate. I modified the air cleaner, then looked at what I had and was able to hunt around on-line until I found a resource that listed filter dimensions. Found a filter from a mid 90's chey lumina...or some such car that worked perfectly. I will first see if there IS a paper element filter available for my quads, if not then I will probably do something similar.
Those airbox lids are not interchangeable unfortunately. All different.

If you want an outer wears airbox cover, you're stuck with buying the material and making one.
X2 air boxes lid from 700's or 660 raptor will not fit.
Want are you trying to do?
If you want more air you can drill two 1¼" holes in the lid. Maybe add a small piece of outerwear over the holes. Stay out of deep water. There is someone that makes a billet slide that can be close off if (before) you get into some deeper water.
Stay far away from paper or K&N filters. Get a good foam filter like Twin Air or Uni and use good filter oil.
I was wanting to get more air to the box, it backfires and I thought this might help the issue. I am getting a UNI as soon as I figure out just what I am doing with my airbox. I have a broken clip holder and three... Yes I know, three clips. I am wondering if maybe someone has a airbox mod that might be good and affordable.
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