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Wire connectors ?

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I finally have the winch wired up . I would like to cut the wires from the winch and shorten them . It is a Viper max winch . From what I can see from paper work and info on the web it says the two wires are 5 gauge. I checked at Autozone and guy said that was a odd size and they did not have connectors for that size . I also checked Lowes and Rural King . Will a 4 gauge connector crimp enough for a good connection or anyone have a clue where I can find the right size connectors ? I have not checked local Yamaha dealer or auto dealer because I thought they would be easy to find at auto parts stores .Thanks
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I was going to cut my winch wires and do the same but instead I just shortened the wires by looping them and zip tied them high on the frame, saved time and hassle. Just an idea
Solder and heat shrink is the best connection IMO but zip ties on the extra wire will leave no where for a bad connection to happen.
I do a mechanical connection (bare crimp connector...no plastic), then solder it to the wires, then a dab of di-electric grease, then shrink tubing. As for your connections....You can buy terminals/connectors and then just flux the wire and connector, heat and fill with solder.....done this a few times on battery cables....never any issues.
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