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WTF did I just do?

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So we went riding on Saturday after dropping money in getting a new lift kit, new 30" silverbacks, new bearings, new brake pads, new steel brake lines, etc... running through the 'Prison Run', everything was straight Peanut Butter - the hubby got in a jam :| I heard what sounded like an axle or diff popping, some grinding and she stopped moving. I had to get her towed back to the car. Getting towed, I heard grinding, popping, and some clanking... after washing down the mess we put her through, axle and diff appeared fine. But looking well, it looks like the crank case (?) cracked on both sides... has this happened to anyone? Now Im shopping for parts... again. Trying to get back out on the prison run for redemption.... but my heart is broken. Tell me this has happened to someone before... Id atleast feel a little better.
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Hmmm, that does not sound good at all. Wish I knew something to help, good luck!
how 'bout some photo's of the area at fault so we can advise on a fix.
how 'bout some photo's of the area at fault so we can advise on a fix.
Photos for sure, along with machine model and year would help.


Did you replace with lengthened axles when you did the lift? I'm just guessing but pretty sure OEM axles with a lift and 30" Silverbacks are going to put a lot of torque on those axles but I just can't understand how that would directly impact your crankcase. I would think it was the Differential you were referring to.

If you towed back and were in Neutral, the crankcase should not have been doing anything, that noise would have been more of a Diff.
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Sounds to me like your middle drive gear has exploded the case under strain. That happens. Doesn't happen that often, but it does happen, especially in a case like yours with large mud tires, thick peanut butter mud and axles to handle it.

If the middle gear has blown the cases, that's a big expensive job. You'll need new engine cases and middle drive support bearings. This requires pulling and splitting the engine....a complete engine teardown.
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I'm with Dezz on this...
When I read that the rig was grinding,popping, clanging while being towed in neutral and a split case. I thought middle gear meltdown. I've seen pictures of the middle gear pinion bearing housing with 3 of 4 mounting ears busted off. Big job.
That sucks......

Were there OEM axles on the machine?
Another member had the middle gear let go @3 years ago and there is a thread on his repair, I can't remember his screen name now.
The rear drive shaft was turning causing the sound if your problem is in the transmission.
Let search for the old thread.
Did you add a heavier secondary spring?

The archives don't go back far enough to find the screen name.
Ugh.... So sorry. That sucks.
Members loudelectronics, Werner Williams and grizzup have experience with the middle gear grenade.

Enter this into Google search

site grizzlycentral middle gear busted
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