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Yet another grizzly 700 stalling issue

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I have a 2007 700 Grizzly that i just bought. I noticed that the ATV has intermittent stalling issue. Has not happened a lot but seems to be at slow speeds or when i slow down to go over obstacle and give it a little throttle. it stalls and then starts right back up. No backfire on re-start and runs fine otherwise. Sometimes when i ride it it will not stall at all. No mods that I know about except moose racing air filter which i don't think is anything special and aluminum tip at end of exhaust....not sure if that is stock or not. Just cleaned filter and re-oiled and also replaced spark plug which looked fouled. Have read many posts but not sure where to start. Roll over valve, TPS sensor, angle sensor, pod adjustments. I have not drained original gas but will . Any advice on things to start checking and diagrams are where things are would be helpful.

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Hello from Flint MI. Is your instrument cluster showing any codes where the odometer numbers should be? Any unusual readings when you have it in diagnostic mode? Google Grizzly diagnostic codes and you will find plenty. My friend's Grizzly did the same thing... and then it stalled and wouldn't start.... and this is where it currently sits. If you read my post on my issue, the other comments may help you out. Its in Grizzly Tech Tips, "TPS readings and bulletin". Good luck and please share how you were able to fix your problem.
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Does your gear indicator light flash when this happens? if so it most likely is the reverse sensor.. It was a common problem on the first few years of the 700.... You can ground it out or replace it and fix the problem..
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No codes on pod and no flashing lights when it stalls. Do not know how to put it in diagnostic mode but will research and see what happens.
Thanks. I will let you know what i find out.
My '08 once in awhile, similar to what you described, when I'm trying to crawl super slow, it will stall. Fires right back up and if I give it a bit extra throttle it go with no issue. It seems to do it a little more often in hot weather, but it's pretty sporadic. No codes, no flashing lights. I just figured the EFI programming didn't like my slow crawl.
Is there a pepcock or drain valve somewhere on tank? Or where does hose attach to tank that feeds throttle body or return hose....whichever will allow me to drain tank without removing it.

If you have a aftermarket tip and air filter on it you will probably need a fuel programmer. After I added a tip and Uni filter to my 08 the stalling was just as you described and always done it at the worse time. I put a HMF Optimizer on mine and fixed the issue. There are lots of brands to choose from with threads on here for the pros and cons of each. Sounds like you are running lean because of more air in and out but same amount of fuel going in.
Mine did that a little until the first service. I told the service manager about it but he never said what they did to it. Hasn’t happened since though.

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Just an FYI I have the moose racing filter and a custom tip thats the same size as the interior piping of the muffler, I do not have a programmer on my machine either and I have none of these issues. All stock engine wise other than those 2 things
Maybe raising your idle just a bit will help but Im no expert just a guess
..... Do not know how to put it in diagnostic mode but will research and see what happens.
After you learn this tell us what the TPS is set at. May help to set it a point or two higher, around 17-18 at closed throttle.
Does anyone know of any videos that show someone going through settings on pod etc and making changes. A little hesitant to do so with directions in service manual.
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