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My version of a ATV chainsaw storage solution. This box might not work for everyone but it works fantastic for my needs on my property.

When searching the web for a chainsaw storage solution to hold my gear in one spot I didn't see alot of options that suited my needs and the the ones that did were overpriced and low quality. I decided to custom built a box to fit everything I need for a day of cutting on the homestead.

I came up with a simple pine box that keeps the saw protected from any mishaps in the bush while keeping easy access to all my accessories.

Some simple Bungie balls mounted on the face and top hold my axe and my pickaroon.

A couple handles make it easy to move on and off the bike to a shelf on the shop wall.

Feel free to suggest alterations or suggestions I'm always looking to improve. Hope this helps inspire someone to get out there and create there own storage box.

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